Zur Überlieferung des Kāvyādarśa in Nepal und Tibet.

Prolegomena zu einer kritischen Ausgabe.

By Dragomir Dimitrov. Marburg 1999, xiii, 270 pp.


The work offers a critical edition of the first of the three chapters of Daṇḍin's Kāvyādarśa ("Mirror of Poetic Art") and its Tibetan translation with the short title Sñan ṅag me loṅ. The first chapter, in 105 stanzas, is called Mārgavibhāga ("Differentiation of Styles"). The introduction discusses the title and contents of the treatise, its author and his dates, the history of the Tibetan translation and the commentary tradition connected with it.

The edition of the Sanskrit text is based on Nepalese and Tibetan textual material. Besides, the available old and modern commentaries and editions were also taken into consideration. For the constitution of the Tibetan text the canonical and the non-canonical versions available nowadays were used, consulting the most important and influential Tibetan commentaries as well. In two separate sections the transmission of the Sanskrit and the Tibetan text is discussed in detail.

In the work the Sanskrit text is printed in the Devanāgarī script and the Tibetan in the Dbu can script. Each stanza is cited first in Sanskrit with the critical apparatus immediately below it, and then the Tibetan translation follows with its own critical apparatus. Among the appendices is a bibliography of all modern editions of the Sanskrit and the Tibetan basic text together with the commentaries. More than seventy publications are listed and in addition some of the entries are accompanied by notes concerning the particular edition. Apart from this the various concordances and indices should prove useful for quick references.

An enlarged version of this work has been published as volume 40 of the Indica et Tibetica series:

Mārgavibhāga – Die Unterscheidung der Stilarten. Kritische Ausgabe des ersten Kapitels von Daṇḍins Poetik Kāvyādarśa und der tibetischen Übertragung Sñan ṅag me loṅ nebst einer deutschen Übersetzung des Sanskrittextes. Herausgegeben nach nepalesischen Handschriften des Sanskrittextes und der kanonischen und außerkanonischen tibetischen Überlieferung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der älteren Kommentarliteratur, samt Glossaren, ausführlichen Bibliographien, Konkordanzen und Indizes. Von Dragomir Dimitrov. Marburg 2002. (Indica et Tibetica, 40), xiii, 395 pp.

As a sequence to this study a work on the third chapter of the Kāvyādarśa and the Sñan ṅag me loṅ has been prepared (see PhD thesis).