Die Unterscheidung der Stilarten
Kritische Ausgabe des ersten Kapitels von Daṇḍins Poetik Kāvyādarśa und der tibetischen Übertragung Sñan ṅag me loṅ nebst einer deutschen Übersetzung des Sanskrittextes
Von Dragomir Dimitrov

Marburg 2002, xiii, 395 S.
Indica et Tibetica, Band 40

The old Indian treatises on poetics treasure the key to the deeper understanding and the pleasurable reception of South Asian poetry. The present work is devoted to Daṇḍin's Kāvyādarśa ("Mirror of Poetic Art") one of the oldest available Indian books on poetics and its Tibetan translation the Sñan ṅag me loṅ. For the first time a critical edition of the first chapter Mārgavibhāga ("Distinction of Styles") of this treatise both in Sanskrit and Tibetan is being presented here, prepared in accordance with the principles of textual criticism. The Sanskrit text is printed in the Devanāgarī script and the Tibetan in the Dbu can script. This publication attempts to offer a reliable basis for any further research on this important Sanskrit text and its Tibetan rendition and thus aims to ensure more precise literary analyses. The new German translation of the first chapter as well as the two glossaries (Sanskrit-German-Tibetan and Tibetan-Sanskrit) and the various appendices included in this book are intended to facilitate the work on Daṇḍin's "Mirror of Poetic Art".


This book is divided into ten parts:

1. Introduction • 2. Transmission • 3. Edition • 4. Translation • 5. Glossaries • 6. Appendices • 7. Concordances and Indices • 8. Bibliography • 9. Abbreviations • 10. English Summary

It includes:
A critical edition of the first chapter of the Kāvyādarśa (printed in the Devanāgarī script).

A critical edition of the first chapter of the Sñan ṅag me loṅ (printed in the Dbu can script).

A new German translation of the first chapter of the Sanskrit work.

An evaluation of all Sanskrit and Tibetan primary sources used for the present edition (including elaborate stemmas).

A detailed presentation of the history of the transmission of the Tibetan translation in its numerous canonical and non-canonical versions.

An outline of the history of the discussion about Daṇḍin's dates.

Information about twenty old Sanskrit commentaries on the Kāvyādarśa.

A bibliography of the modern editions of the Sanskrit and the Tibetan basic texts together with the commentaries on them (more than eighty publications listed, partly with detailed annotations).

A Sanskrit-German-Tibetan glossary to the first chapter of the Kāvyādarśa.

A Tibetan-Sanskrit glossary to the first chapter of the Sñan ṅag me loṅ.

Various appendices, concordances, and indices.